Monday, April 18, 2005

Everytime I log on here I get sleepy. Whats up with that. Filed for state income tax and on May 1st I begin my new business. I need to get my license with the city and set up my yahoo acct. oh and start a business bank acct. YEAH BUSINESS!!!!! Tomorrow before I sign the city papers I'm going to Social Security to make sure alls right on that end. Wish me luck! micetea

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Today I'm just going to rest. Maybe tommorow I'll work at finishing the house cleaning. The other day I moved my bed and changed the room around. Funny but the bed seems smaller now that it's against another wall. Moving the TV gives me better reception so that worked out good. I want to split the room in two. Bed and dresser on one side and reading/writing area on the other. Tuesday I sign the papers and then the redo will soon get underway. Cleaning stinks but shopping for the new stuff will be fun. Thats it for now. Type soon.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tired today but then I've done laundry, cleaned the tub and moved my bed and other things around in my room. This blog is to tell about my business and so far it's been about getting the house ready for the redo. I may have given this address before but here it is again. thats the official fan club for my cards. When you join, you'll be sent an email telling you my website is up, plua member discounts and advance noticies. Also if your a woman who has wanted to start her own Greeting Card Company I have a small group, 9 members each who have their own company and can help you with info to get yours started. Go to we welcome all women card makers. All for now.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Yuck, no shower today. I hate baths in cold water. I hope they come tomorrow to fix the shower knob. The sink has a leak and when I get hot water from it it floods the kitchen floor. I hope someday to have a good life. Not fancy just nice. Without want and believe me theres a lot of want here. Did some new designs today. Other then that, nothing else. Trash pick up is tommorrow, so I can clean some more. So tired. Type soon. micetea

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Join the group

Well spent the morning changing my geocities sight aroumd. I have set up a yahoo site for people to join. It's a fan base for my Greeting Card Characters. By joining you get discounts, info and the like. If anything it should tell me about the kind of people who are interested in my cards. If you want to join go to you may not get their by clicking the link. I've had troubles with that but you can typw it in. I need to start working around here. Type soon, micetea.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Thought I'd type now before it got to dark in here. Boring day. No ones on line and I'm just not in a working mood. I think I'll just play a game on the computer and add some new designs to the my picture section of the computer. Type soon. micetea

Friday, April 08, 2005

EEK, why am I trying to start a business when I can't get the rest of my life sorted out. The kitchen floor is waterlogged, the shower hot water knob broke off tonight and one of my sisters are taking their sweet time sending the city the paper work needed to get the house redone. Besides all that my leg is acting up, swelling a little pain and hard to walk. Did do some new card designs today and have a lot of thinking to do. My book is just about done and that will need to be put together for a publisher, or should I self publish. So much to think about. Oh, well type soon. micetea